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Earn Up to $2000 Per Month Writing for Medium

Would you like to make some extra cash? What about earning up to $1000 per month? Of course, you would just like everybody! Join Medium and write for them. You can earn money by writing about your favorite topics.

Publish Your Articles or Poetry on Vocal Media and Earn Money

 I bet you are wondering if you can earn money on Vocal Media. This is another site I have started writing for. You can earn money publishing your articles there! Give it a try.

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Vocal Media - A poem by me.

Check out some of my articles below:

I have just started sharing my poetry and articles on Vocal Media. I am not sure how much I will earn but I have heard how others are doing really well there.

Read this article to gain some perspective about Vocal Media. The writer shows how much money she has earned writing for Vocal Media.

Earn money on Vocal Media

Read some of my work on Vocal Media below:

Why I Love Drinking Oolong Tea

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How Green Tea Helps Me Feel Better

If you want to earn big money with Vocal Media then you can join them and become a member. I haven't become a member with them yet. You can still write for them and not be a member but from what I have learned you will not earn as much money as you would if you were a paying member. Find out more here.

This is my earnings to date but I am not a member! A member means earning a lot more money! See the picture above where the writer has earned over $3000.

This is not a great deal of money but I have not been consistent on Vocal Media and I am not a member. Apparently, if you are a member you will earn twice as much, and if you are consistent ie, you publish something every day, then you will likely earn a good deal of money.

I plan on publishing something each day from now on and I will join them as a member and see how I go from there. I will update this article when I see an improvement in my earnings.

Check out the following videos below if you want to earn money writing:

How well does Vocal Media work? Check out the following video!