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Publish Your Articles or Poetry on Vocal Media and Earn Money

I bet you are wondering if you can earn money on Vocal Media. This is another site I have started writing for. You can earn money publishing your articles there! Give it a try.Read on to find out more...

Do You Share Your Work Using Facebook Groups?

A great way to share your writing is with Facebook groups. I have been asked which groups I use, so I thought I would share them here. Remember to read the rules first.

Increase Traffic to Your Blog and Make Money

Have you ever started a blog and wondered why you aren't receiving that many visitors? 

Do you want to make money from your blog?

What Must You Do If You Can't Write?

Do we do something else until we feel we can write again?

Get Paid to Write Song Reviews

Would you like to write song reviews, tv reviews and commercial reviews online and be paid for each one?  Well, now you can!

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Get Paid to Write for Websites

Do you enjoy writing? Would you like to write for a website?

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Can Writing for Wattpad Get You Published?

I enjoy writing on Wattpad lately. I have, currently, got four books there and I regular upload a chapter every 5 days.

How I Wrote My First Book

Have you ever wondered how you should start to write your first book?
I wanted to write a book when I was younger but it didn’t materialize until many years later.

Slice the Pie Earning Potential

Not long ago, I wrote about a website called Slice the Pie. I have been writing song reviews there and I just wanted to update everyone about it.