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Writing a Book for Charity

 Have you ever written a book for charity?

Have you ever thought about writing a book and donating all the proceeds to charity?

Is it a good idea?

You might think it’s not something you would want to do because you are more or less giving your book away. But let’s think about it for a minute. How well could a book do if the proceeds of it were given away to a popular charity?

Would it sell?

Yes. It would sell and it could give you the publicity you hoped for because let’s face it, all the money is going to charity. Most people like to buy something if they know their money is going to a good cause. Plus, it might further your career by selling your other books alongside that book you donated to charity. Think about it.

But what kind of book could you write for charity?

Usually, a poetry book can be a good idea, or a story that includes something about the charity. You could create a special poetry book for your favorite charity ie. poetry for grief. I am a big fan of this sort of thing.

Book sold on Amazon worldwide

A passionate poetry book for cancer research

Recently, I created and compiled a passionate poetry book titled Butterfly Dance. It was created by The Lark Publication (my other publication that publishes poetry, fiction, and serial fiction) and its writers and winners from a poetry competition that was started in the summer of this year. The Kindle book was published on 5th December 2022 and the paperback came out a few days later. I have three poems published in the book and the rest of the poetry is from the winners and the runner-up poets. The proceeds of the book will be donated to the Cancer Research charity. So far, the book has been a success and is selling fast and it’s going to a good cause like Cancer Research.

Screenshot by Denise Larkin

Cancer research page

I also contacted Cancer Research UK to ask them to put the book on their website along with the other books they advertise. I mentioned that the proceeds of the book will go to Cancer Research if it sells there. I have yet to hear from them about this but I am hoping it will be accepted. Here is the proceeds page which has not been topped up with the earnings of the book yet, but it’s there waiting to go on it.

Screenshot of the Cancer Research Page by Denise Larkin


You may not earn money from a book you have created for charity but you will get the recognition you deserve for doing it.

Check out the latest article from The Lark Publication about the book: